Supporters – The Precious Elephants

Here is the list of the famous people who have decided to join us on our mission:

Matt Shapira - film director and talented artist

Elephants have been roaming the earth for a very very long time. They are an incredible extension of our ancient world.  

In an effort to keep them alive and flourishing, I've begun a mission to paint canvases of these sentient beings in various forms and colors. This intention has taken me all over the world, allowing my creative expressions to hang on walls, as well as be literally on walls. (I.E. Murals.)

The idea that Elephants need our voices is what brought me to participate with like minded companies like Precious Elephants. 

I am from Los Angeles, but like so many today, I am a citizen of the planet. And I feel its my calling and duty to do what ever I can, however I can, to protect the lives of those who are in need the most - our precious Elephants.

For the next few months, myself and Preciousy Elephants will combine forces to make available some of my Elephant art pieces. 12% of our proceeds will be going to the care and well being of Elephants.

Thank you for taking me in and allowing me to introduce my Art Of Roaming Elephant Collection to you're lives and homes.

With gratitude and honor.


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