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Top 19 Reasons Why Elephants Need Us

by Kim Seyer on December 27, 2019

Donations To Elephants Are Really Important?

There are a large number of threats faced by wildlife, which includes elephants too. In order to ensure the normal and safe life of elephants, we should consider donating some money to foundations which work about this.

They know how to do their work, but they need our money, so this is the best and the most efficient way to save the elephants(if you care about them, of course) for most of us. There are many reasons why you should consider doing this. We will look at a few of them here:

  1. About 100 African elephants are killed every day by poachers seeking ivory, meat and body parts. Less than 400,000 remaining. And the worst part is that elephants can’t survive without our help.

  2. The number of rangers who are protecting them is really not enough and it is really difficult for them to patrol in the huge natural parks in order to save elephants from being poached. More money could help to recruit more patrol groups.

  3. The rangers are poorly equipped. They need funds to purchase motorbikes, GPS units, in addition to uniforms and other communication devices. This is part of the way to stop poaching of elephants.

  4. Elephants help in planting seeds as well as in creating habitat wherever they are roaming. Did you know that elephants are may be among the world’s most important tropical gardeners? Now, you know why we should not lose them.

    One of the main reasons why elephants are so important to a forest ecosystem and for us is, unlike many other animals, they are capable of spreading seeds really far from the parent tree. According to the studies, Asian elephants can spread seeds from 0.62 miles to 3.7 miles (can you imagine?), while in the Congo, forest elephants can spread seeds as far as 35.4 miles.

  5. In case urgent actions are not taken to save these awesome animals, elephants may be gone from this planet very soon and we don’t want to scare you, but you already read how many of them are left.

  6. Elephants play a big role in maintaining the balance of all other species in the animal community. They pull down trees and break up thorny bushes, which help to create grasslands for other species to survive.

    They can create salt licks that are rich in nutrients for other species. They dig waterholes in dry river beds that other species can use as a water source, and their foot prints create deep holes that water can collect in.

  7. Funds are required for the ongoing, essential administrative costs that are associated with all the daily activities which non-profit organizations have.

  8. Money is needed in order to raise the awareness of the public about the needs of elephants in the world.

  9. Donations are required to take care of substantial costs for land purchase and fencing.

  10. There is a desperate need of construction of shelters and water wells for many elephants.

  11. There is a need for recruitment of caregivers and security housing too for elephants who have been rescued but who are not in a good condition to go to a sanctuary for now or anymore.

  12. Along with general care, elephants also have medical issues that need extra attention. Funds are needed to support them and keep them healthy.

  13. In order to improve elephant protection and management, equipment as well as training has to be provided to anti-poaching teams.

  14. Funds are needed for the process of creating new protected areas as well as improve the management of protected areas which already exist.

  15. Donations are required for developing wildlife management schemes that are community based. This will contribute to elephant conservation along with providing benefits to the local people too.

  16. Funds are needed to reduce and kill the illegal trade. This would require monitoring trends in illegal trades related to all kinds of elephant products. It also requires conducting of surveys in order to update data on the domestic ivory markets.

  17. More people from around the world should be included in the research part of this problem.

  18. Modern software and applications should be created for better communication, reporting, trade markets spying and so on.

  19. Funding is needed to mitigate human elephant conflict. This would require training of wildlife managers as well as local communities for using effective tools. It would also require refining of current methods based on what will work best in specific situations.

All this indicates the big importance of people in this bad situation related to elephants. This help is not only for them but for us too. Why? Simply because elephants are an integral part of the ecosystem like all species, but as you just learned they are more than that, because elephants do many things for the community in which they live.

Besides, they help in seed dispersal and various other natural processes. That’s why protection of elephants will definitely help humans in a big way.

Today elephants need protection. They are under attack by poachers all the time. Immediate human intervention is required in order to mitigate this illegal activity.

Besides, people are constantly entering the natural habitats of these animals and conquering their natural resources. This killing has to be stopped immediately.

There is a human animal conflict which has to be addressed at the local level. These are specific issues that need to be handled and it is really difficult for most of us to go there and help locally. But keep in mind that just funding will not help. Rules have to be formulated and laws have to be changed. Governments have to participate in this.

Only then the gravity of the situation will be understood. In addition, education is required at all levels. The locals need to learn more about the problem, because they are interacting with these animals all the time. Besides, education will help to reduce poaching too. It will also help to know how to take care of elephants that have been saved from circuses, or other forms of captivity.

Funds are required for many things, but as you can see they can’t do the whole work. There are many other small things which we can do in order to protect these awesome animals. With few words – Elephants Need Us And We Need Them!

Now, you know why we are part of this huge cause and why we value each purchase that you make!

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