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The Real Elements Of Romance

by Kim Seyer on October 23, 2016

The Mating Rituals

The romantic bond between a husband and wife is one of the closest and most intimate relationships a person can have.  We all know that marriage takes a lot of work and compromise, and the honeymoon phase never lasts as long as we would like it to.  Romance is the spark that couples need to regularly ignite in order to keep their relationship alive and strong.

There are certain courting rituals that should take place before you reach the happily ever after point in your life.  It is the typical story of boy meets girl.  Boy gives girl his greatest pick- up lines that he mostly picked up himself from movies and his favorite TV shows.  He wines and dines the girl, plays the romantic music softly in the background, provides the right lighting, sets the ambiance for their entire evening of romance and woo.  These are all elements that people tend to include in their courting rituals, along with the cuddling and nuzzling, the stolen kisses, the awkward hand holding, and the smooth move taken to get his arm around his girl in the movie theater.  He wants to make his woman swoon.  Mating rituals like this are a step most people take in life to reach their story book happily ever after scenario.

Like humans, elephants also go through a mating ritual.  Only their ritual is short and sweet and definitely up front and to the point.  This is largely due to the fact that the female elephant is only fertile for just a few days during the entire year.  During this time, the male sets his sights on the female of his choice and he quickly begins his courtship.  This courtship includes a lot of nuzzling, attention, and loving affection.  If the female is interested, she will respond with the same gestures in return.  After a short twenty minute courtship, the elephants will mate.  The female will become pregnant and this pregnancy will last around twenty two months; this is the longest pregnancy of any other animal living on land.  This is where the male elephant’s involvement ends.  The male will go back to his “bachelor” herd and leave it to the females of the herd to take care of the young.  The males tend to be more solitary animals and travel from herd to herd.  Females will never leave their herd, while the males reach their bachelor existence usually by twelve years of age.

Elephants, like humans, are extremely social animals.  They show affection, respect, and admiration for each other.  This is very similar to the family relationships we have as humans.  Like in our own families, elephants revere the matriarch as the backbone; the leader of the herd that makes sure the family is fed and well taken care of.  The males play no role in taking care of the young; this is where the similarities end when it comes to romance and courtship.

Corny poetry, love notes, awkward first kiss moments, all of these elements provide the foundation for a budding romance.  While the stolen kisses and sweaty palm moments are appealing, you will have to work hard to win the heart of the woman of your choosing.  Just because you finally win her hand and you marry her and scream to the world that you found your one and only, you still have to preserve and maintain this very special relationship. 

Everyone knows the woman wears the pants in the family right? While this may not really be true, it is something you men must confess to and abide by.  Women have strong opinions and certain ways that they think things should be done, so why poke the bear while it is sleeping?  What I am trying to say is to keep it lighthearted and comedic in the least.  Laugh with each other, partake in the occasional tickle war, and take turns when it comes to announcing the winners of battles.  Happy wife means happy life, as they say.  Marriage is about give and take and compromise, when it is for the best.  You are a team, never forget that.  If you have the good fortune of marrying your best friend, then you already know each other’s strongest and weakest moments and you embrace your differences.  You look back at the times of your courtship and recreate those special moments on anniversaries.  The biggest element of romance is surprise and spontaneity.  Keep the magic alive and stay young at heart.  Follow this sound advice and you can be sitting on the floor, cross legged in front of a fire, eating the top of your freezer burnt wedding cake a short year later; laughing about the best man’s drunken speech, or the maid of honor’s fight to catch the bouquet. 

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