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Similarities And Differences Between Humans' And Elephants' Parenting

by Kim Seyer on October 05, 2016

Elephant Parenting Between Two Worlds

One of the most momentous times in a woman’s life is having her first child.  With the celebration, there is usually a baby shower that is thrown in the little peanut’s honor.  In order to give the new baby, and the new mother, everything they will need to survive the beginning stages of an entirely new experience and journey, they gather and celebrate.  They reminisce and offer bits of sound advice.

Baby showers are a kind of rite of passage.  You play all of the traditional baby shower games, eat good food, and surround yourself with loved ones.  You can get amazing advice and years of wisdom and knowledge from the other more experienced mothers at the gathering.  The end stages of pregnancy are met with a lot of discomfort and agitation.  You are excited to meet your new baby, but grow increasingly anxious over the childbirth and looming responsibility.  Baby showers are a welcome distraction from all of this madness.  Baby showers are just one example of how a group of matriarchs come together and support each other.  It shows the importance of having your friends and family around for support, nourishment, and love. 

The bond between a mother and child is very similar to that of a mama elephant and her baby.  Elephant relationships like this are the closest of any other animal in existence.  Female babies will, more often than not, remain with their mother for most of their lives.  Male elephants, however, develop the same bonds with their mothers, but it is not as long lasting of a relationship.  The mother and daughter bond is a concrete example of the type of love and protection they have for one another.  Just like humans, small elephants go through the same kind of milestones and stages.  Preadolescent male elephants tend to wrestle with others and get into trouble, just like your typical twelve year old boy in the human world.  Baby elephants nurse like humans do, and then move to solid foods.  Elephant mothers feel the need to nourish, encourage, and protect their young.  Does any of this sound familiar? 

A baby shower in the human world is not far off from the animal world.  The herd gathers, they lean on each other, and protect their loved ones.  The saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child.  In both cases, this is true.  Having the support of your family is important.  All of the mothers work together to raise the young, and elephant matriarchs will put themselves in danger if it means they will be protecting their young.  Being a mother of two myself, I understand this urge. 

Baby elephants are completely dependent on their mothers until they reach their teen years.  The mothers teach the babies how to walk, they bathe them, and they feed them.  They are solely responsible for the care and well- being of their children.  After the first two years, the babies will gain more independence.  The males will usually run off and learn to fend for themselves, but the females will stay by their mother’s side.  Daughters need their mothers.  We, as humans, have a name for this type of parenting.  Would you consider yourself an elephant mom?

“Elephant Parent” is a term that first came up in 2014 to describe a lifestyle of being sheltered and overly protective.  Mothers are definitely protective of their children and tend to hover and prove due diligence when it comes to raising their young.  They are sheltered, but loved and protected.  There are no strict guidelines or rules that are set into place.  You let your children follow their own path, while being there to help them up if they are to fall.  Elephant parenting really means to encourage, support, and stand by your children, without hesitation.

Like people, elephants are social animals and exhibit similar parenting and behavioral styles.  They have a network of communication between their herds or clans, so that they can relay instances of grief or stress, danger, or even happiness and contentment. 

All of the mothers and females in a herd come together and offer babysitting and other help to each other.  Again, does this sound familiar? The other female elephants will even take care of the young so that the new mothers can rest and eat and nourish themselves in order to nurse their young.  The similarities between the human world and the elephant world are astonishing, to say the least.  Family and love abound in both worlds.

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