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Elephantastic Marvels

by Bogomil Stoev on October 11, 2016

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There are many reasons to love and want to protect these magnificent animals.  Elephants are the largest land mammals in existence and they show the same emotions as humans such as: anger, compassion, playfulness, empathy, and even respect.  They are social animals and thrive on these bonds and family ties.  Currently, elephants are listed as an endangered species.  They are hunted and killed for their ivory, they are being pushed out of their natural habitats, being hunted for sport, and sometimes even killed out of fear.  The rapid decrease in the elephant population over the last few decades is astronomical, to say the least.

Habitat loss is one of the biggest contributors to their endangered species status.  Climate changes cause some environments to become too dry and barren, which makes it an unsustainable living environment for these elephants.  This threatens their homes and livelihood, as well as the health of their young.  The growing human population is another major factor.  People are settling and pushing the elephants out of their homes to make room for their own homes and crops.  There is an increasing amount of competition between the elephant population and the human population for natural resources. 

Here are some interesting elephant facts you might not know already:

  1. Elephants can swim and they use their trunks to mimic a snorkel.
  2. Their large, thin ears have evolved over time as a way of regulating their body temperature.
  3. Elephants don’t really encounter any natural predators, except for humans that hunt and kill them. The occasional lion will prey on a weak or sick baby elephant, however.
  4. Elephants are herbivores; herbivores only feed on plants. They can spend up to sixteen hours a day collecting different kinds of foliage to eat.
  5. Elephants are known for sleeping while standing up.

Elephants also play a vital role in the ecological progression of an environment.  Elephants are able to smell where there is water in the area and can use their trunks to dig watering holes.  This not only contributes to their own well- being, but also the well-being of other animals that might inhabit the area as well.  Elephants are also able to clear foliage with their large bodies and trunks; this creates paths and trails through areas that might have otherwise remained impassable by other animals and even people.

Along with the ecological advantages, elephants also hold religious meaning in some cultures.  Elephants are large and powerful, yet gentle creatures.  In the Hindu religion, the god Ganesh wears an elephant head over his own.  The elephant head symbolizes wisdom, and the ears are said to only hear and hold what is good and true.  Elephants, in respect to symbolism, represent pillars of patience and stability.  They are strong and powerful, but convey loyalty, compassion, and empathy.

Elephants are loving and work together for the good of their herd.  They stick together and help each other greatly, just like any other kind of family would do the same.  They carry a strong sense of responsibility and patience, and would do anything and everything to protect their own.  They are committed to each other, so we should be committed to their cause.  We need to stand up and give these precious animals a voice because they cannot speak for themselves.

Currently, in existence, the African elephant population stands at only 400,000; this is a drop of 62% over the last decade.  This puts them in danger of being almost completely extinct over the next ten years.  There are also currently less than 40,000 Asian elephants left in existence.  The biggest threat to the African elephant population is due to the people hunting and killing them for the ivory trade, while the Asian elephant’s biggest threat is due greatly to habitat loss.  Ivory trading is illegal because of the serious decline that is occurring within the elephant population.  Ivory harvesting inflicts cruelty, torture, and death to a very gentle animal.  Any confiscated ivory, in recent years, is being seized and then destroyed by the government.

Losing the elephants means putting other animals at risk as well.  The elephants mold their environments in a way that makes them suitable and ideal for all different kinds of species of animals.  Losing the elephants will eventually spin these ecosystems into a chaotic and unsustainable disaster.  They will not be there to spread seed, tear down foliage, or dig watering holes. 

I have outlined many reasons as to why elephants are revered as the most spiritual and loving animals in existence.  We need to stand up and focus our efforts on understanding, preserving, and saving these gentle giants.  We need to show our elephant pride and be a part of the solution.

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